Anastasia, Francesca, Anna and Itziar are the authors of the self-portraits on which these pages are centered. They are all 13 years old at the time of the images. Itziar is 13 now, in 2021. I was in 2006. Francesca in 1972. And Anastasia more than 100 years ago, in 1914. In the form of four letters, I reflect on these images and on the intentions and motivations of the four teenagers in making them. To each piece of writing is added the experience of the next, each letter is nourished by the previous piece.
Through investigating the use of the mirror, the staging, the self-sexualization, the social media and so on, my intention is to reflect on the reasons and manner adolescent girls represent themselves through photographic means and how it has evolved from its beginnings. Starting from my own experience and my own images, I create a dialogue with these four teenagers to understand their motives and desires in self-representing themselves, and I analyze their self-portraits in detail, relating them to other references that also feed my research.

Design by Albert Pérez
“I’m okay” On self-representation in feminine adolescence.
Anna Izquierdo Gilabert